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Technology has made its impact felt on almost everything. Be it from the time you end up checking your mail till the time you switch off your laptop and go to bed, technology is an inherent and an inseparable component of our lives. And just to keep it going, we at Comeontop Technologies do everything possible within our scope, taking care to ensure that at no point in time you would ever feel technology has ceased to play an active role in your daily routine.

Associate yourself with nothing but the best

We know even a minor glitch in a PC, Laptop, Printer or any other peripheral device can end up throwing your productivity and efficiency off track. A situation where indeed sourcing professional help with time prevailing can be the best way to get any gadget up and running once again.

With a single incident solution from our Certified Experts costing you as low as $20.99, compared to our nearest competitor charging you much as $30 and providing services devoid of features like Live Help, Push to Talk and Instant Connectivity, you are always at an advantage. What’s more, with a dynamic business plan starting from $229.99 and providing comprehensive coverage for a whole gamut of issues on hand, you not only end up receiving a lucrative but a highly cost-effective deal.

Moreover, as it goes, every 5 incident personal plan at Comeontop Technologies starts for as little as $49.99 and solves any 5 issues, spread throughout the year. Not only that every plan covers all types of issues and provides you with a quick quality service almost impossible to find anywhere else. A one of its kind of assurance working to bring a smile on a clientele spread across the globe.

If any doubts, please take a good hard look at the table below and judge for yourself whether you could have taken a better decision.

Feature Support.com GeekSquad Microsoft Dell HP iYogi Comeontop Technologies
Unlimited Annual Plan $199.99 (+ $30 of Setup Fee) N.A N.A N.A N.A $169.99 $159.95
Complete Software Support Full Full Limited to MS Products Limited to Dell Products Limited to HP Products Full Full
24 x 7 Support No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Complete Phone Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Assistance Facility Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Chat Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instant Connectivity Options No No No No No Yes Yes
Push to Talk No No No No No Yes Yes
Live Help No No No No No Yes Yes
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