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Satisfaction is the name of game!!

Getting out of every of your PC’s riddle wrapped up in enigma defines the well forte of Comeontop Technologies . But then getting the voices heard of our revered patrons and most importantly what they think of us and our services is what makes to precedence on our agenda. That’s why we are up with this section, where you have free will to go about and give words to your story of gratification and those merrier times which you have luxuriated in while getting your PC served by Comeontop Technologies . So, give a look at the diverse chronicles penned down by our mollified clients and find out by yourself how technical support is clambering towards acme with Comeontop Technologies .

  • I hope that you got the feedback that I gave immediately at the end of my session today as requested. Both of the gentlemen Karan, and the supervising second individual, who spoke to me at the end of my session were notably knowledgeable and polite. Karan was patient at the beginning of the session when I was slow at getting going on the procedures. He was also readily willing to explain numerous aspects of the hacking that led to problems on my computer.
    "Starr Wiginton"
  • Anil was very patient, courteous and had knowledge of the tremendous task he encountered for me. It took approximately 4.5 hours to correct the problems with my 2 computer networks. He did a fantastic job for which I am extremely thankful.
    "Ed Wahoski"
  • I just want to commend Parveen Yadav for an excellent job of helping me solve my printer problem today. The service took almost two hours and it was eventually solved to my satisfaction. I was frustrated with the problem but Parveen's calm, clear and very professional manner not only solved the problem, but kept me calm throughout. All service calls should be handled so well!
    "Carole Woods"
  • Hi Anuj! I am very pleased with the service I received yesterday and I have no problem referring you to my friends.
  • He is the best computer tech I ever worked with -he spent over six hours fixing my computer and not many would do that -it was a pleasure working with him -you have a keeper there.
    "Mary Hatt"
  • Hi Deepak, I did review all that you explained ...I was able to create a storage file and delete a storage file...I did not attempt a child file... Thank you for your patient consideration and good teaching skills....Marsha, Morgan, Deepak, you are excellent role models; your colleagues could learn much from you!!
  • Yesterday Jitesh spent several hours working on my computer. McAfee had suddenly quit working, and he was able to restore everything. His knowledge was excellent, and, although it took a long time, he was very patient. I appreciated his professional manner.
    "M. Huger"
  • I received the updated account of your services this morning, and I am very impressed with your work, effort and time; it was outstanding by my comprehension. Thanks again. However, I would still like a feedback of the service provided and the benefits of the three years services package set out for me. Please provide this as soon as possible. Again I would like to thank you for your service, time and effort you put in correcting my computer.
    "G Woodward (Woody)"
  • Anuj, just drop in a note to say that Rohit did a good job of pin-pointing and solving the problem I was having in downloading Windows updates. He was the first representative to send a comprehensive follow-up email. This is a nice professional finish to an already good service.
  • I just want to say I am so grateful to Vineet and Jitendra for helping me out when I was at my wits end with my modem and Ethernet service. They detected the problem and everything they told me worked out great. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. They were so helpful. I am truly grateful.
    "Ozella Campbell"
  • Kunal Ramnani is very professional, polite and a great computer technician. I would recommend his work to any person in the world including the President of the United States. He did a great job in saving my information on my computer. I can not find enough words to thank him and I would recommend your company and Kunal Ramnani to every person that I know with a computer problem.
    "Dr.Thelma Miyagishima"
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